Projects by Kansas Permaculture Institute 

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  • Dancing Leaves Forest Farm

    Located on 10 acres of woodland and pasture in Oskaloosa, KS, board member Jeffery Heppler and his wife Regina manage the property using permaculture principles. The site is managed with intensive rotational grazing with goats and sheep where they strive to encourage biodiversity, soil development, and the next generation of native food crops. Producing fruit,… read more

  • The Light Center

    The Light Center

    The Light Center is situated on 10 acres and includes the retreat center barn, organic vegetable gardens, and chicken paddocks. The center also stewards 25 additional acres of totally natural wildlife sanctuary. It has expanded to incorporate the area’s first eco-village project and has begun a series of projects that will implement the permaculture practice… read more

  • Cedar Sky Farms

    Cedar Sky Farms

    Cedar Sky Farm was founded in 2010 on a 30-acre hobby farm with an orchard consisting of peach, plum, apricot, nectarine, apple, cherry, pear, pecan, walnut, and chestnut trees. In addition to raising chickens, dairy goats, and livestock guardian dogs to protect them, the farm also includes restored native prairie grasses.  Other structures include the… read more

  • Forest Floor Permaculture Forest 

    Forest Floor Permaculture Forest 

    An organically operated nut and fruit-centered forest garden, Forest Floor Permaculture Forest was established in 1980 on a one-half-acre urban site located in the Brook Creek watershed on the east side of Lawrence, KS. It is a locally adapted working food forest using a diverse perennial polyculture designed in patterns of plant communities that mimic… read more

  • PermaCommons


    The PermaCommons Community Garden is located in Lawrence, Kansas, at 1304 Pennsylvania Street.   The garden includes a diverse mixture of perennial fruit and nut trees, berries, herbs, and aquatic plants that will, over time, become self-regulating and self-producing.  To sustain the system, the group offered training workshops and mentored apprentices to provide volunteers with the… read more

  • Greenman Farm and Homestead

    Greenman Farm and Homestead

    This 9.2-acre site near Kansas City had been idle for many years. Starting in 2012, Greenman Farm began converting conservation terraces into swales and prairie grass into a food forest using permaculture design principles.  There are 3.5 acres currently being converted into a fruit and nut orchard with some woodland trees, an assortment of berries,… read more

  • Vajra Farm and Permaculture Center

    Vajra Farm and Permaculture Center

    KPI’s first Permaculture site managed by the late Steve Moring. When Steve and Nancy Moring purchased the 45-acre property in Oskaloosa, Kansas, they found a landscape that was comprised of about 50% old-field and woodland in mid-phase succession. The abandoned fields were overgrown with invasive shrubs, cedars, and small trees. In 1998, the couple started… read more

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