Forest Floor Permaculture Forest 

forest floor permaculture
Forest Floor Permaculture Forest Lawrence, KS

An organically operated nut and fruit-centered forest garden, Forest Floor Permaculture Forest was established in 1980 on a one-half-acre urban site located in the Brook Creek watershed on the east side of Lawrence, KS. It is a locally adapted working food forest using a diverse perennial polyculture designed in patterns of plant communities that mimic natural ecosystems. 

The key objective of the plant and soil relationships is to maintain the soil horizon through no-till practices and sheet mulching while maximizing absorption and retention of water through swales and accumulated organic matter and the positioning of plants by size, type and proximity so as to create healthy and symbiotic relationships. 

Principal crops are Kingnut Hickory, Kansas Pecan, Filazel & Hazelbert, Chestnut, and Carpathian Walnut; heritage apples (Blue Pearmain, York Imperial, Calville Blanc), a summer apple, Bartlett pear, Seckel pear, Ya Li pear, Hosui pear, Paw Paw, Munich persimmon, Roy Ott tart cherry, local Mulberry; Edible Dogwood (Cornus Mas), Smoky Saskatoon, Clove currant (Ribes Oderata), Gooseberry, Goumi Berry, Brown Turkey fig; Chester blackberry, local black raspberry, Latham red raspberry, Mars seedless grape, Stevens cranberry; typical annual vegetables. 

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